Offer of help in the Corona crisis: JOB Group donates its device-integrated fire protection technology for 100,000 ventilators and provides technical team

The German JOB Group, the world market leader for sprinkler glass ampoules from Ahrensburg and inventor of the world's smallest fire extinguisher, is now offering manufacturers of respiratory equipment the opportunity to equip all devices required in the corona crisis with integrated fire protection free of charge, thus securing the critical infrastructure in all medical facilities. In addition, a design-in team from the manufacturer is available to support device manufacturers in the technical implementation, so that the fire extinguishing fuses, so-called E-bulbs, can be installed as quickly as possible.

"Especially in these times, when our health system is so urgently needed, incidents such as a major fire caused by a lack of safety precautions in technical equipment would be a disaster. From a purely statistical point of view, there are approximately 1000 fires in hospitals a year, and often the source of these fires lies in electrical equipment. For this reason, the JOB Group will make its technology and experience available free of charge in order to also effectively protect the new ventilators against fires," says Bodo Müller Managing Director of the JOB Group. He, and his team would like to make a positive contribution to overcoming this crisis, says Müller and calls on established manufacturers of ventilators in particular to accept the offer of assistance!

The E-bulbs required for securing are small fire extinguishers that can be very easily installed in the respective technology. Even when a fire starts, these smallest fire extinguishers in the world can extinguish a fire and thus prevent worse. This smallest fire extinguisher in the world can be easily integrated into the electronics and helps to make the devices even safer.

The company has established a hotline (German/English) for manufacturers:

Hotline JOB corona help: +49 (0) 4102-2114-223