E-Bulb is honored with the Security Innovation Award 2014

The JOB E-Bulb is the next innovative step of the billion-times proven glass bulbs, that is has been supplied into the fire sprinkler industry for decades.

When exposed to heat, the extinguishing liquid is released automatically. The clean agent evaporates immediately and extinguishes the fire by heat consumption. To prevent reoccurrence of the fire, the power supply will be interrupted simultaneously.

The JOB E-Bulb offers several advantages: Maintenance free, easy to install within a broad variety of assembly possibilities, glass conductivity in different current ranges, Zero ODP, non-conductive clean agent, wide variety of operating temperature ranges, proven functionality by MPA Dresden, proven by UL. 

SECURITY Essen is the world's most important trade fair for security and fire prevention. A large number of innovations are giving their premieres in front of the trade public at the global fair. Within the framework of the opening ceremony in the evening before the fair, Messe Essen honoured particularly pioneering developments with the Security Annovation Award.