JOB Group received ISO 14001 certification

Intensively reviewed by external auditors,  the JOB Group successfully received the  ISO 14001 certification after two days and for the first time.„We made it!“, Dr. Kai Fischer, the  Environmental Officer who is also responsible for the Quality Management within the JOB Group, is proud of the achievement. And further explaining,  ISO 14001 is a standard  accepted worldwide for  the Corporate Environmental Management.On the basis of ISO standards and business objectives, eg.  the Environmental Policy of a company will be defined next to the corresponding process (Waste Management, Hazardous Waste Management etc.). But also  analysing ,for example, production conditions and its impact on the Environment and Societey. Moroever, due to Key Performance Indicators, the company will be measured and monitored according to its performance and aspects of Environmental Protection,  Health & Safety and improve continuously.