JOB - member of AHAM

As the youngest member of the "Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM)” JOB Thermo Bulbs supports the continuous improvement of product safety of home appliances.
Washing machine, dishwasher, TVs, PC .... These are just a few of the many electrical devices present in modern households. They all have one thing in common: They increase the risk of fires, for example due to a technical defect. Over 30% of all fires globally are caused by an electrical appliance...
JOB's E-Bulb operates as a thermal fuse - detecting incipient fires quickly and reliably, directly on the printed circuit board (PCB) - the place where such fires often start. Based on the same technology like the billions of approved, and globally certified, JOB Thermo Bulbs in sprinklers, the E-Bulb bursts when reaching a defined temperature. The contained 3M™ Novec™ engineered extinguishing fluid is released and vaporizes immediately into a gaseous state. The resulting cooling effect extinguishes a fire reliably without any residues. Additionally and simultaneously, the bursting of the conductive E-Bulb permanently interrupts the electrical power supply which prevents a fire from re-igniting.

The membership of JOB at AHAM underlines the commitment towards the companies’ own vision: A world in which everyone is always protected from the dangers of fire.

AHAM is an association of manufacturers of household appliances based in the USA. The association is considered the voice of the home appliance manufacturers and their customers. AHAM develops and maintains technical standards and norms which are used by manufacturers, and also many consumer organizations, to evaluate and compare and to continuously improve product safety of home appliances.
JOB Thermo Bulbs is the world leader of solutions for detecting and fighting fires at an early stage. Due to high product quality and reliability, JOB’s Thermo Bulbs have become the de-facto standard in the global sprinkler industry. All leading international manufacturers of sprinkler systems have installed more than a billion of the thermally activated glass bulbs to protect lives and values from the dangers of fires.

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