Our Passion

The JOB GmbH, founded in 1971, develops, manufactures and distributes thermally activated glass bulbs for automatic sprinklers that are nowadays standard in the sprinkler industry. New to that are extinguishing concepts, aiming for the reduction of damage at the earliest stage. They are individually tailored to specific profiles and objects to detect fires at an early stage and to be able to extinguish destinctively.

The special design of the JOB Themo Bulbs, special fluids and automated quality assurance production steps provide an excellent thermal tripping behavior and the enormous strength of the glass bulbs. For applications in which in case of fire, a thermal self-triggering mechanism is required (e.g, in hoods or painting booths) the thermal bulb technology can be combined with an innovative link design. To ensure highest end user quality requirements, and to ensure sprinkler functionality JOB Thermo Bulbs took the opportunity to develop sprinkler test machines. These include tightness test equipment, BITE systems or bath test equipments, which comply towards all international standards, such as ISO and CEN.

Safety. Everywhere. Anytime.

We have a vision of a world where everyone is protected against the dangers of fire, everywhere and anytime. We are making use of our profound knowledge and experience to realise this vision. We research, develop and optimise our solutions until we can finally say: That‘s perfect. This intensive quest for perfection is expected by our customers as they rely 100% on our products and services. That‘s our passion.

Simply. More. Safety.

This also reflects our performance based promise JOB: Simply. More. Safety. "Simply", because solutions of JOB, are intuitive and easy to handle. Offering "more" because the company is not only the world leader in thermal Bulbs, but besides that we offer extinguishing units like AMFE and E-Bulb, a variety of complementary products with value add. And "Safety", because it is essential for us to protect people and properties from the dangers of fire in a reliable way.

We focus on what we do best. In this spirit, engineers and technicians develop holistic, innovative fire protection solutions "Made in Germany". We don't only want to be perceived for what is technologically feasible, but for what is technologically useful.

Simply perfect

It is this sense of perfection that our customers expect from us. Trusting and relying on us, means never beeing disappointed. Our solutions are complex, but controlled and not complicated for the user. To ensure the highest level of safety, all fire protection solutions from JOB are easy to use, easy to install and designed for its lifetime.

Constantly Changeing

It is our task to serve best in class fire protection solutions. We are constantly learning, changing the way we work to achieve our goals. But one thing we do not do: compromise on our high quality standards, and that means: Designed and produced according to zero failure strategy.

We understand the needs of our customers and consult our partners in our considerations already in the earliest process stage. We are committed to long-term, trusting and honest relationships.

What we stand for

Made in Germany

Top quality products and solutions made ​​in Germany: As one of the leading fire safety provider in Germany we develop, produce and sell excellent high quality products and complete system solutions in the field of fire protection and supression. We don't only want to be perceived for what is technologically feasible, but for what is technologically useful.

Easy to use

Easy to use Safety Technology: We design 100% reliable products and solutions that are easy to use and provide a significant value add for our customers. All solutions and products are easy to install and very durable.

Service at its best

Service at its best: When we say maximum service orientation, it’s not just empty words. We understand our customers’ requirements. Our goal is a long-term, trusting and honest business relationship with customers from a wide range of sectors bassed on understanding, transparency and openness.