History of the JOB Group.

Company Founder Eduard J. Job

The JOB Group was founded by Dipl.-Ing. Eduard J. Job. Back in 1958, Eduard J. Job began his studies at the renowned “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” in the USA and thus began his path into fire protection technology. As a member of the management team at what is now the company “Minimax”, Eduard J. Job set up a new electronics division in 1968 for the development, production, and sales of fire detectors. Under his leadership, Hartwig O. Beyersdorf and a group of creative engineers developed a new type of electronic fire detector series that used the field effect transistor, which was revolutionary for this purpose on the European market at the time. At this time, Mr. Job was already supporting the development of glass products for thermal triggering. In 1971, based on an idea for producing glass products, he founded his own company, JOB GmbH, in Ahrensburg near Hamburg, which he led and shaped with drive and inventiveness until his death in 2009.

With ever new technical innovations and new patented developments every year, the company’s economic success also grew steadily. Today the JOB Group employs over 180 people worldwide. Alone THERMO BULBS, thermally triggered glass ampoules, are used in more than 2,000,000,000 sprinklers on all continents and play a key role in preventing the spread of fires and thus protecting human lives and property.


Founding JOB

First drafts on a napkin

Eduard J. Job drew the first glass ampoule for automatically triggered sprinkler systems on a napkin and founded the first of his companies, JOB GmbH, on January 1, 1971.
The first JOB THERMO BULBS, thermally triggered glass ampoules, were developed in a garage.
Starting in the US market, these became the standard in the sprinkler industry and are used by virtually all leading sprinkler manufacturers worldwide. With its Thermo Bulbs, JOB GmbH became the world market leader in the field of thermal trigger elements.


Patent application

Job, and a small team that had formed in the meantime, continued to develop the Thermo Bulbs and successfully registered the patent in 1977.
In the following years, products were continually developed, and various patents were successfully registered.


Enlargement through growth

Building Kurt-Fischer-Straße 30

The company is growing and more space is needed for employees and machines. In 1985, the company moved out of the garage and moved into Kurt-Fischer-Straße 30 in Ahrensburg.


3-millimetre ampoule

The patented bone shape

In 1986, the JOB team developed the distinctive bone shape for the thermal glass ampoules. In the same year, the 3-millimetre sprinkler ampoule became popular. A much smaller variant of the previously used technology that responds particularly precisely and triggers much more quickly.


Rise to world market leader

In 1994, JOB GmbH became the world market leader for quick release 3mm ampoules thanks to its strength in innovation.


Integration of Detectomat GmbH into the JOB Group

Founded in 1977, Detectomat initially established itself as a producer of highly rated fire detectors for well-known companies such as BOSCH.
In 1999 the company was bought by JOB GmbH. In 2003, JOB GmbH took over DBM GmbH, one of the leading suppliers of fire alarm panels at the time.
From now on, the combined company will be called the “JOB Group”.


Thermo Bulb Link

Thermo Bulb Link
Thermo Bulb Link

The product portfolio is being expanded to include Thermo Bulb Links. In contrast to the sprinkler system concept, in which the ampoule retains the extinguishing water under pressure, the Thermo Bulbs in the link are held horizontally under tension.
The small trigger devices are used in extractor hoods, kitchen hoods, fire dampers, smoke vents or ventilation ducts where they trigger thermally and usually initiate a mechanical opening or closing process.


First BITE system in operation

BITE Anlage testet Qualität der verbauten Ampullen

The first “Bulb Integrity Test Equipment” machine (BITE) goes into operation. Over 50 so-called Micro-Bite systems are now in use by JOB customers worldwide and check the quality of the bulb assembly in the sprinkler every day and document its integrity.


Expansion of the company premises

JOB Entrance area at Strusbek 5

Purchase of the “An der Strusbek 3 & 5” site.
The new site is directly adjacent to the existing JOB site at “Kurt-Fischer-Straße 30”. The thoroughfare “Bulb Avenue” is created in the middle.


Establishment of the Eduard Job Foundation

JOB History Foundation

Based on the special importance of thermodynamics for the JOB Group, Eduard J. Job founded the JOB Foundation for Thermo- and Material Dynamics in 2002. Since its founding, the JOB Foundation has been working to get students interested in natural sciences as early as possible. Through its close cooperation with various universities, the foundation secures and strengthens innovation and economic power, particularly in Germany.
This commitment characterises the future orientation and social responsibility of the foundation and the JOB Group. Internationally, the JOB Foundation supports research and teaching projects in America and Asia.


Expansion of management

Bodo Müller expands the management

Mr. Job looks to the future and prepares his company for future internal and external requirements, and the desired growth of the group, by expanding the management and thus taking the path to build a management team. Since then, Mr. Bodo Müller has taken over the management and development of the group of companies based on his experience as an engineer and long-standing executive and member of the supervisory board of a listed company.


Founding of the JOB Chengdu sales company in China

Bodo Müller, Li Bin, Eduard Job with Declaration of Intent

In 2006, JOB opened a branch in China to be able to serve the Asian market even better with high-quality products “Made in Germany”. In addition, the JOB brand is being expanded in the Chinese market and the 3mm ampoule is being successfully placed on the market.


Construction of a new production hall

JOB Building "An der Strusbek"

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for products, a new hall is built. Further new production facilities, as well as the warehouse and shipping found their place here.


Development of AMFE and E-Bulb

First E-Bulb components

The Automatic Mini Fire Extinguishing Unit (AMFE) and the fire extinguishing thermal fuse (E-Bulb) are invented and patented.

First AMFE products

For the first time, JOB is developing components in the area of “device-integrated fire protection” and the processes and machines for manufacturing the products.
The device-integrated fire protection is intended to prevent fire from spreading in electrical devices/switch cabinets.


Construction of another production hall

Construction of another hall

To meet the further increase in demand, an additional production hall is built in 2015. This is where raw glass production, AMFE production, development and quality assurance move in to.


Purchase of Helmut Geissler Glasinstrumente GmbH in Wertheim


In 2016, Helmut Geissler Glasinstrumente GmbH was purchased by the JOB Group and successfully integrated into the corporate group. Founded in 1952 and based in Wertheim-Bestenheid, the company now employs around 20 people and, among other things, ensures production redundancy and thus delivery reliability for the JOB group of companies. In addition to Geissler Thermo Bulbs, medical glasses and laboratory glasses are also manufactured here.


Sale of Detectomat GmbH

Detectomat Smoke Alarm System

In 2017, the JOB Group sold Detectomat GmbH to the French DEF network in order to concentrate fully on its strengths by expanding the glass and extinguishing product family.


Market launch of the AMFE small extinguishing system

JOB Mini Fire Extinguisher

After numerous development and service live tests, as well as design adjustments, the AMFE passes the very high JOB quality requirements and is successfully introduced onto the market as the first small extinguishing system.


Employees with 1,500 years‘ experience

JOB employees with 1,500 years‘ experience

Altogether, all our employees have over 1,500 years’ JOB experience. Some employees have given us their loyalty and cooperation for over 40 years.


Family business

2018 Christopher Job

“JOB remains JOB” – Christopher Job takes over his siblings’ shares in the business and thereby reaffirms his support for continuing the JOB Group as a family business. At the same time, managing director Bodo Müller acquired shares in the JOB Group in 2018. The Job and Müller families are shaping the future of the company. This also includes the redesign of the company structure and the founding of JOB-Holding GmbH & Co.KG, as well as the establishment of another sales company. In this way, the group of companies is strengthening its market position while minimising risk.


E- Bulb “smallest fire extinguisher in the world” receives VdS approval

from left: Jürgen Teschner, Markus Fiebig (E- Bulb Product Manager), Bodo Müller and Rajko Eichhorn

The German insurance industry has certified the world’s smallest fire extinguisher with the VdS seal. As part of the VdS Fire Protection Days in Cologne, the E-Bulb® was certified as making a significant and innovative contribution to the topic of fire protection. The certification was preceded by extensive technical tests by the VdS Institute of the Insurance Industry. JOB also wins the SECURITY Innovation Award and the UK Safety Innovation Award.
In addition to the small extinguishing portfolio, JOB is expanding the Thermo Bulb portfolio with the particularly powerful EFSR ampoules in various length variations and the world’s first SMART ampoule, the R-Bulb, which can be triggered electrically and thermally. For the first time in the history of the sprinkler industry, this enables the possibility of addressing, sensors, electrical triggering, and thermal backup functions.


Two-way triggering by R- Bulb

R- Bulb

The R-Bulb is the product of consistent and industrial development of the Thermo Bulb, which has proven itself billions of times over. It has an electrically conductive coating and can therefore also be triggered electrically by external sensor signals.


JOB Group celebrates 50th anniversary

50 years of JOB. Managing Director Bodo Müller stands before a portrait of the founder Eduard Job

For 50 years now, the JOB Group’s extinguishing systems have been protecting people and property from the dangers of fire in businesses and private housing all over the world.


Thermo Bulbs get “smart”

JOB Smart Sprinkler

The innovative R-Bulbs make “smart” sprinklers possible. This means that sprinkler systems can be triggered remotely not only thermally, but also via electrical signals. The first results from very successfully research from the leading industrial insurer in the USA are making other insurers and innovative companies aware of this product. Together with the JOB GmbH development group, they are developing the first system solutions for international recognition.


Award for excellent performance

JOB wins Johnson Controls GOLD supplier award

The JOB Group wins the GOLD Supplier Award for outstanding supplier performance from Johnson Controls!


Establishment of the CEJ Foundation

Signature CEJ Foundation

In 2023, Mr. Job will strengthen his social commitment by founding his family foundation, the Christopher Edward Job Foundation, and contributing his shares to the foundation, among other things, with the aim of promoting and further developing the company, its employees and developing and expanding sustainable technologies.