We are committed to sustainably protecting human lives

The JOB Group has been trying for many years to consider the various impacts of the company against a social, economic, and ecological background. The company- and product direction, as well as further developments, are primarily aimed at protecting people from the dangers of fire, preventing fires and the resulting environmental pollution, and strengthening the region and employees. That’s why the JOB Group is committed to assuming overarching social responsibility, in keeping with our motto.

Simply – More – Safety.
Simply – actionable measures and developments in the three areas of CSR.
More – than just meeting legal requirements and always being one step ahead.
Safety – for employees, the environment, and the community.

The JOB Group’s sustainability strategy pursues the long-term goal of considering the corporate group’s orientation along the entire value chain, as well as its decision-making processes, using the triple bottom line approach. Economic, ecological, and social aspects are considered and form the basis for sustainable growth. To pursue an even more holistic approach in addition to the international and regional framework conditions, and the requirements of stakeholders, the JOB Group also considers the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contributes to these aims through its goals, measures and actions.

For the detailed overview of the measures being taken in all three areas please see our sustainability report.

Social Responsibility

The future should already be the most important thing for us today.

Corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly important. A company’s surroundings demand actions and transparency in social and environmentally friendly business practices. But it is much more than just the obligation to provide evidence or to meet the changing demands placed on modern companies. The future – in other words, tomorrow – should be the most important thing for us today.

Creating prospects for future generations

Laying the foundations for open collaboration in a sustainable society means retaining future employees, customers and partners. Those who operate and plan sustainably create prospects for future generations. Commitment to the well-being of employees and to active environmental, occupational and health protection should be one of the most important management tasks. This is the only way to achieve the goal of a modern and sustainable company.

JOB takes responsibility

For many years, the JOB Group has been committed to taking a social, economic and ecological view of the various impacts of the company. With its products and their further development, JOB is primarily focused on protecting people from the dangers of fire, preventing fires and the resulting environmental pollution and strengthening the region and its employees. Fair treatment, respect and recognition are part of everyday work life. As a signatory to the Diversity Charter, we are sending a clear signal for the further strengthening and presence of minorities and diversity in our corporate environment. Active communication with stakeholders is key to the success of our ambitious future strategy, which sees social and sustainable orientation as a primary goal. This cooperation strengthens our good working atmosphere and ensures a creative and open corporate culture in which all ideas are welcome and the “open door” is more than just a symbol.

Key Figures

Since 2017, CO2 emissions per ampoule have been reduced by 1/3rd

> > 70% of all products switched to more sustainable materials

Waste sorting rate 91%

Approximately 20% of employees are first aiders

23,760m of adhesive tape saved since the beginning of 2023

100% digital incoming orders

Our global policy in quality and health-, environmental-, and occupational safety

Firmly anchored in our principles.
In our vision:

Simply. More. Safety. A world where everyone is always protected from the dangers of fire.

In our mission:
Through sustainable growth, technology leadership, customer partnerships, and absolute reliability, we increase our visibility in existing and new markets. As a recognised leader in fire protection, we will always produce first-class products, thereby generating further investments in research and development to consistently implement future market requirements into innovative products. Our products always protect values, the environment, and people.

In our global policy on quality and in health-, environmental- and occupational safety:

We supply our customers with products and services without any risk to people or the environment. To this end, we are committed to delivering products and services of a comprehensively high quality, as well as in a safe and responsible manner that respects the health and protection of our employees, the environment, our customers, and our social environment. This obligation includes both constant improvement in quality and environmental systems, as well as the avoidance of environmental pollution and compliance with binding obligations.

We are convinced that this working environment forms the positive basis of our business activities for our employees and society. All employees, service providers and suppliers are responsible for the continuous support and further development of the operational principles and goals that underpin this policy.


The company’s focus is primarily on protecting people from the dangers of fire and preventing fires and the resulting environmental pollution. The JOB Group is therefore already committed to the principle of sustainability. Continuous development in all areas is measured and communicated transparently. The JOB Group is ISO 14001 certified and regularly publishes sustainability reports on a voluntary basis.



Not just colourful products but also colourful thinking! We have been pursuing and promoting a holistic approach to equality and inclusion for 50 years now. Because for us, diversity means more than just personal origins. It describes extremely important values of our corporate culture, which ensure our competitiveness. The diversity of talents, strengths, skills, perspectives, and characteristics of our employees is crucial. We have been committed to this since 2022 by signing the Diversity Charter.

Working for JOB

Social Responsibility

Since the lives of our employees are our priority, we not only care about occupational safety, but also about long-term physical and psychological well-being. We therefore provide weekly fruit baskets, promote sporting activities through our company bike or membership in the sports club, and much more. We promote team projects, openness, and diversity in our daily work – because only together, with all our employees, can JOB continue to operate successfully as a company in the future.

Sustainability Measures

How we save electricity to reduce our emissions:


3.28 kg CO2*
Introduction first LED bulbs


2.77 kg CO2*
New energy contracts with a green electricity mix


2.69 kg CO2*
Increased efficiency through continuous automation


2.65 kg CO2*
Continuous improvement process
COVID 19 slowed progress


2.26 kg CO2*
Savings by replacing older consumer units
Increased efficiency


Planning a grid voltage smoothing system
Further expansion of LED lighting
Introduction of sustainability actions
Creation of a measuring equipment concept

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