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JOB is a global leader in the development and production of thermally triggered glass ampoules for the sprinkler industry, the automotive industry, and numerous other areas of application. Quality and reliability meet the highest demands – as can be seen in the more than 2 billion JOB Thermo Bulbs installed. Detect fires as early as possible and extinguish them in a targeted manner: JOB meets this requirement as a technology leader and innovator in device-integrated fire protection – right down to the smallest fire extinguisher in the world.

Ground-breaking in-house developments such as the E-Bulb, for installation directly on the circuit board, or the Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguishing Unit (AMFE) provide effective protection against fire hazards in industry and households, in consumer electronics, media technology or vehicles. JOB also offers many special glass-based solutions. Be it glass-based fuses for smoke vents, valves for gas-powered (CNG) vehicles, or safety elements for roller coasters. The areas of application for JOB products are numerous. Discover our portfolio.

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