JOB - Our Company

We have our home just outside Hamburg – Our products ensure safety all over the world

The JOB Group is a powerful group of individual companies in the field of technical fire protection. These individual companies concentrate on research, development, production, and sales of sustainable solutions “Made in Germany”.
Within our walls in Ahrensburg and Wertheim, the values and vision of the JOB Group have been focused on quality and safety for more than 50 years. JOB is committed to a world in which everyone is always protected from the dangers of fire.

JOB – World Market Leader from Ahrensburg

To make this vision a reality, engineers and scientists from different nations and fields of expertise work hand in hand across our locations. The recent inventions of the world’s smallest automatic fire extinguisher, as well as the patented extinguishing device, are products that permanently protect people from the dangers of fire. In addition to customers in the extinguishing industry, the company is expanding its customer base to include the automotive industry and, in the future, also the electrical- and small- and large appliance industries, in both industrial and private segments.