Leadership by operational excellence

Since we started development of glass bulbs in 1971, we have continuously improved our manufacturing capabilities and changed our way of manufacturing from manual production in the 90’s into a highly-automated and high volume fully automatic optical and mechanical inspection.

To assure highest quality, there are 905 measurement points validated on each product before is released for shipment. To date, we have delivered more than 1,100,000,000 products. But this is not the most important topic. On top of that, we have never failed to deliver in time to meet our  customers’ requests (RLIP). And we know why: our focus has always been to install redundant n+1 capacity in all production and infrastructure resources. 

Additionally, every machine can produce any of our products after only a short conversion time. This offers a maximum flexibility towards customer requirements and internal efficiency. In addition to equipment redundancy, the stock of raw material (>12 months), semi finished products and finished products scales up to 3 months to ensure deliveries within 24 hours. Also the operating team, maintenance staff and supervisors work closely together in three shifts over five days per week throughout the whole year.

The manufacturing excellence program, as part of the HR empowerment target, involves the whole team to achieve benchmark results and management goals. After 40 years of innovation and manufacturing including the finalization of a governmental funded project, we put our own glass drawing machine into production. Accordingly we became independent from suppliers and are able to increase the level of quality of raw material tremendously. The deviation from spec could at least be improved by 50%. Furthermore, we are now able to make our own aspect ratios, UV resistant glass and do special glass shapes with outstanding strength, side wall and RTI performance.

Looking into the future and following the risk assessment and market research for sprinkler and new markets with new technologies, we defined our product roadmap and executed our strategic plan to invest into infrastructure, technology and capacity to fulfill the demand of the next 5 year period.

Qualified for the future - JOB received the ISO 14001 certification

Quality management, standards, certifications. There are several reasons to be concerned about these. For JOB one of the most important things is to make the company ready for the future. And one contributer are processes driven by our commitment towards an Integrared Management System.

Customers and end-users create an ever greater emphasis on environmental issues. This reinforces the trend towards certifications and they are actively requested. Just like the ISO 14001 it refers to all management topics connected with environmental factors and how they affect us. ISO 14001 means everything around activities to systematically improve the environmental impact sustainable.

Instead of the modern "Go Green" the "environmental awareness", as it actually was called in former times, has always been part of the practical corporate activities of the JOB Group. This applies to all products. Sustainability starts already in development of products and manufacturing processes.

The original light sources at JOB have given way to high power LEDs. This is one building block for the ""systemic optimization"" in environmental management, so the wording of the standard. In manufacturing, the company was able to omit any third lamp and in other areas of the company even every second. Already in the first month this saved more than 10,000 kilowatt hours. An investment that pays for itself quickly.

Another qualification module in the certification process: The CHP, which was successfully put into operation on July 21 this year. Natural gas, as it is used in the CHPat JOB, has a very high heating value and is particularly efficient during the firing process. At the same time, the new system reduces the CO2 emissions drastically. In CO2 footprint expressed: Under the old system were 65 trees per year "cut down", with the new only 21.3.

These are all good reasons that speak for certifications. However, a label does only mean something if the content is "lived". Therefore JOB step by step integrates all areas of environmental and occupational health and safety into the integrated management system. The vision for the health, environmental and occupational health and safety policy is to produce in a way that there are no risks for the society, employes and the environment. In this spirit, JOB has formulated and communicated its commitment. Thus, a culture is created, in which these principles actually lived by the management and by the employees. Every day. In all areas.