of all fires are caused by electricity, many of them in electrical appliances

Source: IFS Kiel

Business interruption is the second highest risk for companies behind cyber attacks (caused, among other things, by fires)

of all businesses go bankrupt in the first year after fire damage



Automatic miniature fire extinguishing unit

The AMFE automatically detects fires in control cabinets and electrical devices. The system prevents the spread of fire and further property damage. JOB’s AMFE protects devices and systems in industry-, household- and consumer electronics. (E.g. control cabinets, household appliances, monitors.)

We integrate our AMFE and E-Bulb extinguishing systems directly into devices or control cabinets so that fires are extinguished directly at the point of origin. In this way we protect the devices and do not leave any consequential damage after activation. Current operations can therefore be continued quickly, and repair costs are reduced to a minimum.

Application Areas

Control cabinets

Control cabinets

Media technology

Media technology





Museums/ Collections






Vending machines

Vending machines

Critical infrastructure law

Device-integrated fire protection as an important building block for greater resilience

The modern world is characterized by increasing complexity and a wide variety of challenges. The protection of critical infrastructures – KRITIS for short – is therefore a top priority.

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What variants are there?

The AMFE is installed purely passively directly in a box or cabinet to be protected. It is installed in such a way that it reliably detects an increase in temperature in the closed area, triggered by a fire, and triggers the extinguishing process when the selected trigger temperature is exceeded. This allows the non-conductive, non-toxic, and residue-free extinguishing agent to flow out.

In the event of thermal activation, an external signal current running via the S-AMFE is interrupted because the glass ampoule bursts, and the activation is reported.
A connected relay or controller recognises this and opens the power contacts, for example.
As a result, the power to the device is switched off and reignition is prevented.

The R-AMFE can be triggered using an external activation current. The ampoule inside is specifically overheated and bursts when the activation temperature is reached. In addition to this electrical triggering, the R-AMFE can also trigger purely thermally.

How do you choose the right activation temperature?

Depending on the expected temperature inside the housing to be protected, the trigger temperature is chosen. JOB offers four different trigger temperatures as standard. If other triggering temperatures are of interest, please contact us. Individual release temperatures are possible with appropriate purchase quantities. When retrofitting, we recommend a temperature measurement in normal operation (or thermography measurement) and a safety margin of approx. 20 Kelvin to prevent possible early triggering in special temperature conditions (sunlight in summer).

How does AMFE work?




Fires – triggered by electrical systems or control cabinets – can quickly lead to fire damage like the one in the picture below. 30%

Insurance against business interruption makes sense, but it is better if fire protection integrated into the device ensures that expensive business interruptions do not occur in the first place.
In the event of a fire, the insurance company pays an agreed amount of money; on the one hand, this usually does not cover the entire amount of the destroyed property, and, on the other hand, the replacement of the destroyed property takes time and money.

The sooner you extinguish the fire, the less damage is caused – integrated fire protection devices make sense

If the conditions for a fire are met, the ignition phase takes place. During the ignition phase the temperatures are relatively low. The subsequent smouldering fire phase causes heating up to a certain limited temperature. Depending on the fire, this phase can take a long time (e.g. smouldering fire). Once this limit is reached, all combustible substances in the room ignite; this is referred to as a flashover. The earlier a fire is discovered and fought; the less consequential damage can be expected. Device-integrated fire protection makes sense because electrical fires are fought directly at the source of the fire within the electrical device.

In contrast to other extinguishing systems, the AMFE system does not leave any consequential damage after extinguishing

In contrast to aerosol extinguishers, or foam or water-based extinguishing systems, AMFE extinguishing systems are characterised by the fact that they do not leave any consequential damage after extinguishing. After activating the AMFE, the extinguishing gas is distributed throughout the electrical device and extinguishes the fire. The extinguishing agent is residue-free. If there is an interruption to operations, it is significantly shorter than with extinguishing systems, which cause major collateral damage. The AMFE makes sense.

In contrast to other extinguishing systems, the AMFE system does not leave any consequential damage after extinguishing

Risk engineers at property insurers highly value the AMFE mini fire extinguishers because they protect against devastating fires and expensive business interruptions in the event of a fire. The advantages are particularly great when it comes to protecting sensitive areas, important machines, or control cabinets, as well as critical infrastructure. Insurance companies often pass on the added value of risk reduction to their customers in the form of reduced premiums or higher insured sums. Talk to your property insurance company.

Increase quality & safety

In addition to the financial aspects, the use of AMFE is worthwhile to increase security for employees, customers, or other people who are protected by AMFE. When AMFE is installed in mass produced products, product safety is also increased.

Getting building approval more easily

In sensitive areas, such as shopping centres, trade fairs, airports or train stations, electrical devices often go from being the “causing fire” to being the “involved in the fire”. By installing and using device-integrated fire protection, electrical devices such as digital signage and LED advertising screens become safer. This means that printers, televisions, or advertising boards can often receive installation approval, even in escape route areas.

Reduce maintenance costs

The annual maintenance costs for the AMFE system are low versus other extinguishing systems because maintenance does not have to be carried out by certified specialist personnel.
The costs of standard maintenance contracts can be saved!
AMFE – Simply. More. Safety.

Integrated fire stop as a unique selling point

As a manufacturer or operator, you can use AMFE to be an important step ahead of your competitors because:

  • Safety is recognised as a product feature by customers and leads to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Device-integrated fire stops can be a unique selling point in your industry and thus secure important market shares.
  • Preventative fire protection as a USP can also help win new orders.
Reduce product recall costs

Due to high fire risks, every major manufacturer has had to recall devices ranges in recent years. This can lead to a loss of image, which can easily be prevented. Sometimes there is even no need to recall the entire range. A simple service case occurs for individual defective devices.

Reduce product costs

Different fire protection concepts can be used when designing electronics. Our aim is to increase the safety of electrical devices. By using AMFE, the overall product costs can be reduced, for example by reducing or replacing flame-retardant materials. These materials are also often criticised for being harmful to the environment – quite the opposite of the extinguishing agent integrated in the AMFE.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Easy to handle
  • Low-maintenance or maintenance-free (remote maintenance)
  • Easy to install (can be retrofitted)
  • Various customised operating and trigger temperatures available
  • No consequential damage due to activation
  • Robust and shockproof
  • Extinguishing agent: FK-5-1-12, other extinguishing agents on request
  • Mechanical release; no electrical power supply required
  • Trigger mechanism: qualified in the automotive and sprinkler industries



Choosing the right system

Step 1

Temperature in the control cabinet

Step 2

Control cabinet size

Step 3


Step 4

Signalling and remote triggering

AMFE Configurator

Applies to continuous control cabinets or larger volumes! Multiple AMFEN can be triggered simultaneously with our R-AMFE. If you have any further questions, please contact your specialist partner directly.

Technical Data

The size of the extinguishing cartridge (size 0 - 5) is selected depending on the size of the housing to be protected.
Protected Volume [in litres]* Size
42 0
137 1
229 2
459 3
686 4
1.149 5
*Class A fire according to VdS 2381 (5.8%)
FK-5-1-12 as fire extinguishing agent
Physical Dimensions Cylinder Mounting Brackets FK-5-1-12 Content Protected volume (m3)*
Size Size Diameter x Length (mm) Size Diameter x Length (inch) Recommended brackets FK-5-1-12 Volume (ml) Class A fire VdS 2381 (5,8%) Class A fire EN15004-2 (5,3%) Class A fire NFPA 2001 (4,5%)
#0 22x128 7/8 x 5.04 RGSS 22 24 0,046 0,050 0,060
#1 35x154 1 3/8 x 6,06 RGSS 35 72 0,137 0,151 0,179
#2 40x186 1 9/16 x 7,32 RGSS 40 120 0,229 0,251 0,299
#3 51x251 2 x 9,88 2x RSGU 56 241 0,459 0,505 0,600
#4 51x356 2 x 14,02 2x RSGU 56 360 0,686 0,754 0,896
#5 60x380 2 3/8 x 14,96 2x RSGU 63 603 1,149 1,264 1,501

Assembly Support

Attach AMFE at an angle >25°

AMFE head directed downwards

Place as high up as possible

Technical Downloads

Data Sheet R-AMFE


Data Sheet S-AMFE


Data Sheet AMFE


Manual AMFE Series

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TÜV Certifikate AMFE serie


VdS Certifikate AMFE series



For further information, please contact Nico Kühn.

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